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Updated by Cindy Sullivan on July 15, 2020

4 Must-Haves For a Work From Home Affiliate Marketer

Becoming a professional affiliate marketer takes patience, determination and the willingness to take risks.

I used to be someone who would try out something for a while, not get results and decide it wasn’t for me. I also used to be risk-averse and wanted everyone to tell me their secrets to success for free.

The thing is, what I’ve realized now is that if you don’t put a value on your education whatever field you’re in, you will probably not see it through till the end.

Also, if you’re not willing to risk cash on yourself in the form of a training course or mentor, you can’t really expect someone to spend cash with you down the line.

This applies to affiliate marketing as well. I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in your self in the form of a course or mentor. Choose a mentor that has got the results you want and has trod the path before you, as they will have gone through everything you are going through.

Don’t choose the guy who is touting fast cash and promising you riches in a few months. These types of people are usually not genuine and will just use a Ferrari and pictures of themselves in a pool to lure you in.

Choose a mentor who is transparent, telling you how hard you need to work. A mentor that has had struggles and tells you it's not easy. A mentor who offers a course that is in-depth and provides information on organic strategies and doesn’t just tell you to spend money on ads.

4 Essentials to Become a Professional Affiliate Marketer

  • Mentor
  • Strategy
  • Focus
  • Consistent daily action

Affiliate marketing actually makes up only a part of a bigger “machine”. Yet, it is that same “machine” that helps to make more commission on the affiliate front. It helps to give more reach.

For instance, here’s a piece of advice it took a mentor or coach to finally pound in me:

Having a website/blog helps tremendously. But here is the thing, you never really want to be “in your face” with your affiliate offers.

The site must focus on a niche topic. Something that would have a blog on the particular niche. Let's take “kites,” as an example. You can come up with loads of helpful content blogs about kites. How to fly a kite, how to fix a kite, what is the best conditions for flying kites, sports that use kites (you get the idea, it's a silly example but its to help understand the approach).

These will be traffic drivers, so make sure that the content is helpful and keeps people reading. By bombarding visitors with things they weren't expecting is the fastest way to get them to click on close. This reflects on Google’s algorithm which will then penalize search ranking accordingly, as your content doesn't seem to meet the search expectation. So if you do it well, you will start to get organic traffic grow as time ticks by.

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