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Updated by Cindy Sullivan on May 21, 2020

Be the 3’s in Affiliate Marketing: Persistent, Relentless, Unstoppable

Are you persistent, relentless and unstoppable? Or do you give in, say something’s just too hard, give up and walk away. Do you keep on learning and trying? Test things again and again.

I know, for example, at the moment I am doing the right things. I am building a heck of a lot of web infrastructure. Google stores it up in big databases and counts the words, the comments, the links, the likes, and the shares. 

I look at my Clickbank (and other) affiliate results daily and often there are zeros. I am not fazed. If I know for certain that my work will pay off. I simply keep building pages, articles, and YouTube videos that are all interlinked. 

Some guys and gals do paid ads and even big media buys. Newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Or other print media. They may have a knack of converting affiliate offers in Google Ads or Bing Ads. 

Most importantly, choose your focus area, whether it be websites, videos, pay-per-click, etc, and master it before you move on to the next area.

Essentials to Become a Professional Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketing success tips

To become a successful affiliate on your own terms, you need to search for big ticket, or higher paying affiliate programs.

In this respect, I am creating short YouTube videos as a presell device, and I use SEO software (I have found Money Robot to be the easiest to learn and has produced great results over time) to optimize the videos for a higher ranking on both YouTube and Google.

YouTube video marketing is perhaps the best set of skills to develop. The channel needs to be focused and optimized around your specific, targeted niche. The studio inside YouTube has lots of statistics and ideas for improving your marketing results for affiliate traffic generation.

You put your keywords at the beginning of the video title, and again near the start of your text description of the video. It’s an almost scientific thing, but it this formula works and gets your videos ranked!

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