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affiliate marketing 2020 and beyond

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Updated by Cindy Sullivan on May 17, 2020

Insights into Affiliate Marketing in 2020 and Beyond 

Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more trust-based. People are buying from people they know rather than from websites with reviews or links everywhere.

New people to affiliate marketing may want to seriously look at programs that are all built for you, from products to landing pages to funnels to email followup and, in many cases, quality traffic is offered for a price to come into the product page. These are turnkey affiliates, and they include mentoring or coaching from top team members. In some cases you have to focus on bringing the traffic to the affiliate offer – everything else is done. In other cases, you can actually buy good traffic at a reasonable cost so that your traffic spending is easily covered by the sales commissions from products sold.

As a new affiliate, you should focus on content, and invest more in content rather than sales/conversion.

Pick a topic you’re passionate about or have some expertise in, and focus on bringing real value to the people coming in.

For example, affiliate marketers who do SaaS affiliate programs only, have great success because they keep getting new referrals from other SaaS businesses – as long as they are not competitors.

By specializing, you get established as an authority in the niche and commissions will follow.

To answer the question: What will be the biggest growth area of affiliate marketing in 2020?

Affiliate marketing landscapes shift so quickly that current advice can quickly go out of date. And this calls for moving with time and not wasting time in yesteryear's techniques.

It’s time to start investigating alternative traffic sources. You no longer build business through just one marketing channel.

Here are the biggest growth areas in affiliate marketing in 2020 and in the near future:

Mobile Affiliate Marketing Trends 

mobile affiliate marketing trends

There are also some mobile affiliate marketing trends to keep in mind as mobile usage grows. There is a need for marketers to fully optimize their sites and platforms for mobile devices. 


An estimated 64% of all paid Google search clicks are mobile-based. Affiliate marketing is still growing and evolving. Mobile affiliate marketing is another growth area to watch in 2020 and leverage. 

More New Ecommerce Merchants 

ecommerce merchants

Since the leading e-commerce merchants identified affiliate marketing as one of the highest growth opportunities within digital marketing, we will be seeing more new entrants come on board. 


Forrester Consulting predicted that affiliate marketing will increase a compound annual growth rate of 10% by 2020. With new retailers coming on board, there will be more opportunities for affiliates to promote new products. 

Off-beat Categories 

grocery online

In 2020, there is likely to be a surge in certain off-beat categories such as medicines, grocery, and everyday jewelry. 


As lifestyles change and the amount of disposable income per family increases, there has been a shift in the online shopping trends of consumers. 


An increasing number of shoppers are turning to the internet to look for grocery delivery and prescription medicine. With top-notch supply chains, the online shopping portal is able to deliver everyday items in a matter of hours. 


With this in mind, these categories are bound to skyrocket in terms of demand. Leveraging this increasing demand, early adopter affiliates will be able to earn handsome commissions on these products. 

Video Content and Images 

video content and images

Video has been a rising trend since the internet began. This has been necessitated by rapid internet speed and user bandwidth provision. 


Today, people are more interested in seeing images and videos than reading text. 


This is changing the affiliate marketing landscape. 


Affiliate marketers are now embracing video and image content. The content is embedded with affiliate links that lead people to sales pages. 

And there you have it!  My top insights into affiliate marketing for 2020 and beyond.

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